History of Camp David

David's story

David’s Story

My Mission & Message to YOU


I am the captain of the ship that God has entrusted to me. I will always FIRST lead myself. I will always hold the reins to my mind and my will by the choices I make.

I know my purpose in life is to proactively meet people where they are spiritually and attempt to serve them.

I will engage them with genuine curiosity, to listen intensely with compassion to discover their struggles, dangers and opportunities in business and in life.

I will work with them to discover what the real issues are. I will always challenge them with their ability to be responsible and accountable to make their own choices and to take their own action in seeking truth (their Real Ideal). I know that only a few will have the desire, commitment and humility to face their struggles and advance to the next stage of their personal and spiritual development. I will always pray for those who would rather stay as they are.

I know that the greatest privilege of my role (Ideal) in this life is the chance to elevate other people’s lives. This is a role, that I remind myself of daily, which requires of me rigid honesty and to stay spiritually fit by practicing… humility, personal accountability and the total reliance on God.

I will give of myself in tireless service to those that commit to transform themselves with this journey by creating value for all people that truly are the servants of God.

Each moment, face to face with a human soul, there exists the opportunity to impact their life… that moment will never happen again. The irony is, the depth of my impact is in the direct proportion to how much I have listened.

I have never changed anyone by what I said, it was only by what they understood.

#Lock-N-Load and be ready to #GoDoGreatThings