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A continuous improvement philosophy is always beneficial to people. Whether you are a manager, executive or self employed, character development is key to improving behaviors that you want to change.
David has been a great coach and advisor to me personally and to our company – he can help cut to the root of problems and has challenged our organization in a way that brings about the right kinds of changes that lead to success. He is highly trustworthy and most importantly brutally honest! He brings great value to any organization and to any individual that will let him! I highly recommend him as a coach, trainer and friend.
Tracy Hutton

President, Century 21 Scheetz

Can’t say enough about David’s approach, expertise and results. I’ve worked with him on multiple occasions to make critical hiring decisions. His methodology, his creativity, personal work ethic and expertise in this area are a valuable asset in making critical hiring decisions. I would highly recommend him for these types of engagements!!
Mike Pratt

Area Director, EMC


Corporations stand to benefit by keeping their attrition rates low. Keeping your people for the long term creates stronger work relationships as coworkers understand how each other works. It also saves money by preventing you having to search and hire (and pay for ads).
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I have worked with David for several years and I have found him to be one of the best business coaches I have ever met. He is extremely professional, personable, has the rare ability to challenge and to influence life changing actions. I have not worked with anyone that understands the human nature side of business, strategies and how to help people leverage their personal and business traits in a way that brings such unprecedented results. I can say that through my relationship with David, I have experienced strong financial and business benefits yet the real value is the overall growth I have experienced that has moved me to a whole different level of performance in all areas of my life. I am honored to have David as friend, coach and business associate and I highly recommend him to anybody that wants more out their business and themselves.
Eric Miller

Principal, Centerline Solutions

David Gorsage is an extremely talented and hard working professional. He has been a great consultant and coach to me and my clients. His depth of knowledge and his ability to communicate the details are what I appreciate about him the most.
Mike Lindsey

Energy Leader, Performance Services, Inc.

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Educational Institutions

The Bible is very clear that if you discipline a child when they are young, they will never forget what you have taught them. More importantly key character traits and development are imparted which affect the young adult’s ability to process emotions.
David led the search committee to select a new President at St Theodore Guerin High School. The process was extremely well planned, and very well executed. David managed through all of the political and personal relationship, and ensured that each step throughout the process helped achieve the final conclusion. David also used technology to allow those who might miss a meeting or interview to listen to the interview via webcast.

In the end David helped guide us to our final selection, a selection that met all of the criteria established at the beginning of the process.

John Gallina

Senior Vice President, WellPoint, Inc

I have worked with David for several years now and he has consistently provided superior insight into the sales and business process. He is one of the most creative individuals I have ever worked with in terms of dissecting process and coming up with a fresh approach to make things happen.

I would highly recommend David as a business partner and an individual with high integrity.

Dane Dittemore

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, LightBound

I met David through a sales coaching project he did at our company. David has an ability to build confidence, navigate through a complex process and help his clients accomplish their goals. His sincere conviction and desire to affect positive change, coupled with perception and experience, make David an invaluable resource to any organization.
Erin Masterson

Account Executive at Expedient and Owner, The Masterson Group

I worked with David on the search committee for a new President at Guerin Catholic High School. As co-chair of the search committee, David was responsible for working directly with the School Superintendent to define the scope, objectives, activities, timeline, interview protocol. Additionally, David was responsible for facilitating the interview process. The committee successfully completed its search process under David’s leadership.
Joe Santucci

Chief Operating Officer, Crowe Horwath LLP

I met David while he was assisting me recruit team members for Aprimo (now Teradata); however, his skills go way beyond recruiting and our relationship has continued through the years. David is highly skilled at understanding people, their motivations, their behaviors, and finding ways to identify and unlock their potential. Any one who has worked with David can praise his work and results. However, what I have always been the most impressed with is not what he does, but rather HOW he does it.

David is always a positive energy in the room. His style and smile put people at ease and make them open to new ideas, self reflection, honest and direct critique, or whatever else may be needed for the session to make positive progress. Finally, in a world where so often there seems to be agendas, I have always felt David’s was to leave a company, a person, or a situation better than he found it, and this has allowed me to trust him as a business partner, a professional mentor, and a friend. I’d highly recommend him for any type of role around hiring the right people (recruiting), getting the most out of people you already have or hire (training), or providing a respectful, on-point outside opinion of your business (executive coach and/or mentor).

Don Kane

Experienced Manager and Business Executive

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